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DEIS Lab is a regional living laboratory, founded by numerous regional, national and european projects and set at Politecnico di Bari, Italy.

Research Interests:

The DEIS Lab group has been involved in many research projects related to several aspects such as (most recent themes):

  1. Embedded Systems Design
  2. Sensor and Bio-sensor Interfaces
  3. Design of Cyber Physical Systems for real-time e-health applications
  4. ERP based Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) applications
  5. Design tools for the optimization of wireless neural recording system design.
  6. Development of platform for shelf-life prediction, food safety and certification
  7. Real-time bio-signals processing

More details about the current research activities are available on : A Focus on Research Interests

Video Demonstrations of the Research:

Cyber-Physical System for Gait Analysis and Fall Prevention by Embedded EEG-EMG Computing

Real-Time Muscle Trigger Generation
Dynamic Brain Implication Evaluation

P300-based Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Mind-controlled Direction
Hybrid Phyton-Simulink Braking System

Laboratory Equipments:

The DEIS Lab is equipped for design of circuits and fully integrated silicon systems (ASIC) in the most advanced CMOS process technology. The laboratory has software for designing integrated circuits used at the professional level (Cadence, n.2 licenses), as well as design kit technologies (up to 0.18u).

Moreover, the DEIS Lab is also equipped for the design and test of the above mentioned bio-medical applications as it has wireless and advanced biosignals acquisition instrumentation (EEG - EMG). All the medical equipments can be interfaced with Matlab/Simulink environment or directly on FPGA for real-time designs.
A support for real-time prototyping is also locally available (Altera Cyclone V ARM 5CSEMA5F31C6N FPGA).

The electronic measurements' workbench is composed by n.1 Spectrum Analyzer, n.1 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, n.3 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, n.1 Triple Output DC Power Supply, n.2 Soldering stations.

The DEIS Lab has n.5 computer workstations (DELL PRECISION T3610).

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A Focus on Research Interests

Currently, our team is activly involved in several innovative works in the rising field of applied electronics.

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Our team has been involved in regional, national and european projects.

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Our team consists of young minds and  expert well-educated personalities.

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Our working group is also actively involved in teaching activities.

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